Kamchatka Brown Bear Monochrome Prints

The Kambalny region in Kamchatka's Far South hosts a very large population of the Kamchatka Brown Bear (Ursus arctos beringianus).

These bears live at the foot of the Kambalny volcano (2156 masl), Kamchatka's southernmost stratovolcano, most recently active in September 2017. In 2016, only a few dozen humans were allowed to visit this pristine wilderness, where brown bears rule, salmons still in high numbers return to their spawning grounds and humble human beings struggle along ancient bear tracks or wade in or across the moor and numerous creeks in thigh waders.

Photographing these brown bears meant that I totally left myself in the hands of a handful of experts lead by Swiss naturalist and conservationist and

"The Bear Authority" per se: Reno Sommerhalder. 

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