Image of my A3+ portfolio

Stock Images

I take my nature and wildlife photos since the 1980's following these ethical principles:

Nature and wildlife have my deepest respect:

Thus no bait nor feeders of any kind, in principle no flash, no violation of access restrictions and distance rules. All my images are original documents of nature and wildlife. Images of captive wildlife would consequently be marked as "captive", images of birds that only showed up upon repeatedly playing their voice would be marked "lured“.

I shoot RAW:

I crop and process my files in Lightroom defensively to let room for neccessary adaption depending on your needs. Though I  do levels, contrast, noise (grain), sharpening, white balance, etc. very much like in the analogue developing process, I do not manipulate my images and I never add nor deduct elements from an image. No Photoshop tricks.

These working ethics help me to shoot high quality nature and wildlife images that will work in every respect for your advertising and editorial needs. Please let me know what subjects you are looking for and how you want to use my images. I will readily create and give access to your customized selection and licensing agreement.   

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